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So you want to start a painting but don't know where to begin?

With easy to follow steps you can watch, pause, rewind and watch again as often as you like. Each painting project comes with a materials list, 'how to ...' instructions with photographs. If its a wildlife project we also include a reference photograph(s) and an outline to trace onto your canvas ( in case drawing isn't your strong point ).

In short we want your painting experience to be as close to being in a class as possible. 

Our classes are available as either a live stream for mobile phones and tablets. Great if you have limited memory available.

Or on DVD if you prefer to watch the class on your television or computer fitted with a disc drive (best to check first!) 

 - International Orders -

Please contact us before placing orders for DVD's as there are additional postage costs.


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As soon as you make your purchase we'll get to work on your order. 

For streamed classes we'll email you a password to unlock the class and attach any supporting information like photo's, patterns and materials lists. Please allow 24 hours for this but we usually respond much quicker.

For DVD's we package your order in a jiffy bag with a copy of the reference photograph(s), materials list and pattern if applicable. Postage is usually by Royal Mail.