Pet Portraits

Painting a portrait of a pet is one of the most satisfying subjects an artist can undertake.

Knowing where to begin and a good technique will help you achieve great results with a little guidance from ourselves. Because your painting is so personal to you all pet portraits are taught on a 1-to-1 basis. The first steps are the most exciting as we discuss the design and begin to create the shape and form of the painting. Working from photographs we will complete an underpainting in the first session which lays down the foundation for the detailed work in the following sessions. Most paintings will take at least two days to get to a good standard but may need more according to how much detail is required and the size of the canvas.

Good quality photographs are essential to achieveing a true likeness of your pet. Please contact us before the class so we can look at your photographs to make sure they are suitable for a painting.

However, if you would love a painting but just don't want to paint it yourself then why not comission a piece of artwork? Please contact us to discuss your idea's and if possible send us some photographs so we get an idea of the subject you would love us to capture in oils.

Below are a series of photographs showing some of the finished paintings. I will add more details and some step by step pictures as time permits.

brodiealfietiberious portrait resizedbarnaby portrait resized