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Since 2000 we have worked full time as Bob Ross Certified Instructors teaching classes in Sussex, Hampshire and Surrey. Now we enter a new phase of our teaching career by going online. Join us on the journey and discover a world of painting and getting creative using our step by step videos. 

There are no mistakes, just happy accidents.

Bob Ross

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We started the  Paul Ranson Art Channel to provide you with some step by step videos and ideas for you to paint at home. We'll be adding more videos as time goes by.

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Online Classes

We're working on online classes for you to purchase. Our idea is to make learning from home as close as possible to being in a class with us. Each class will include detailed videos, written instructions, material lists, templates etc. In short just about everything you will need online. We also plan to offer zoom meetings and a critique of each painting to help you improve your technique.

Its a big project and we plan to be making it available in early 2021.  Keep in touch by newsletter for updates.

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