When will we start classes? A news update.

Well the best laid plans don't always work out.  I spent most of the day on Tuesday 10th March 2020 showing the world my rear end ( yes I was wearing one of those theatre gowns that tie up at the back ! ).  After several trips to the xray department ( more flashing I'm sorry to say ) the surgeon explained that the wear on my shoulder had increased significantly and that the new joint would not be suitable. A little frustrating but better to wait a little longer for a custom made part to be shipped over from Canada. Aparently they make the best ones so I'll be supporting the Commonwealth when its finally fixed. 

Any more jokes about 'having a chip on it'  or 'no 'arm in it' or getting the 'cold shoulder' from the hospital will be greeted with a smile and a groan at this end.

It all happend for a reason. 


Learn to paint this  classic Bob Ross inspired painting at our classes in Sussex, Hampshire and Surrey. We demonstrate each step so that everyone an learn and produce a finished painting in a day. Beginners and experienced painters welcome.

One change we have made this year is to do our bit in reducing single use plastics going into landfill by not providing a disposable apron. Please wear suitable clothing for a painting class or bring an old shirt or apron with you.