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Since 2000 we have worked full time as Bob Ross Certified Instructors teaching classes in Sussex, Hampshire and Surrey. Now we enter a new phase of our teaching career by going online. Join us on the journey and discover a world of painting  using both Bob Ross and Water Mixable oils.

Don't know where to start? This short video will answer most of your questions.

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'Learn to Paint in Oils' Start Your Journey Here

*Only six colours

*Water Mixable Oils - no thinnners needed

*Budget friendly brushes and canvases.

If your new to painting or want to start using oils then this tutorial is for you. Watch the preview to see whats in the tutorial. 

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Learn to Paint in Oils Three Starter Paintings

Our August Tutorial is 'Snowy Mountain View'

Painting with a simple palette of colours can produce the moste striking paintings!

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Classes available on Live Stream and DVD

Our Step-by-Step tutorials are designed to help you create wonderful paintings in oils. 

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