Hello from Paul and Terri

Since 2000 we have worked full time as Bob Ross Certified Instructors teaching classes in Sussex, Hampshire and Surrey. Now we enter a new phase of our teaching career by going online. Join us on the journey and discover a world of painting and getting creative using our step by step videos. 

There are no mistakes, just happy accidents.

Bob Ross

Getting Started with oils video

'A Star is Born....'

...well maybe. Its been all go on the filming front. I've managed after lots of toil ( and  a few Basil Fawlty conversations with my old computer ) to produce four videos called 'Getting Started with Oils'. I hope to make this a regular Vlog on all things oils. In time I may expand it to acrylics too. 

Also after even more herculean effort I've even filmed a four part 'how to'  on painting a simple mountain scene. Called 'How Many Shades...'  See below.

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Happy Painting People

Paul and Terri