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Since 2000 we have worked full time as Bob Ross Certified Instructors teaching classes in Sussex, Hampshire and Surrey. Now we enter a new phase of our teaching career by going online. Join us on the journey and discover a world of painting and getting creative using our step by step videos. 

There are no mistakes, just happy accidents.

Bob Ross

Getting Started with oils video

' The shoulder operation is back on!

Well, out of the blue we have a date for the shoulder operation. Its short notice but all looks set for next week so in true Corporal Jones fashion ' don't panic ...don't panic' ..... 

I've uploaded the grey mountain painting on Youtube. It really helps promote the channel if you click the link below and give the video a thumbs up and even subscribe to see the next parts . I'll be schedualling lots more videos whilst I'm recovering too.

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Happy Painting People

Paul and Terri