Pastel Seas

Seascapes are a favourite of mine. Watch as I paint this demonstration.

Paint the waves and add a beach

Paint Pastel Seas with Paul Part 3

Time for a paddle...finishing touches

How Many Shades.......

with only three colours..........

Sitting in front of a clean canvas is exciting (and a little bit nervy too). My video kick starts your first brush strokes.

Painting Clouds

Make them loose or tight or what ever you fancy.

Add a Mountain

Time to get brave with a palette knife. I'll showyou how.

Paint some trees ...

Finish off with a snow dusted foreground. Don't forget to sign it!

Getting Started with Oils - where to begin.

What Should I Paint On?

This is a short video explaining some of the different types of surface you can paint on. Also, how to save money by making your own 'canvases'

Which Brushes to Use

Which brushes work best with oil paints. Natural Bristle or Synthetic.

Too Many Choices!

I select two different sorts of oil paint to get you started

What Else do I Need?

Everything but the kitchen sink if your like me! Heres a few essentials to start with.

Painting Pucks Glen demonstration

This is my very first ever video demonstration painting a Kingfisher.